Habits of a Good Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Habits of a Good Boyfriend/Girlfriend

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Habits of a Good Boyfriend/Girlfriend

A relationship is a two-way process which includes two people. We often do things to make the other person happy. That’s what love is about. However, it’s also a fact that a lot of couples are breaking up here and there because of several reasons. Nobody’s perfect, you have to accept that. But there are some habits that can potentially hurt your relationship while there are some habits that can nurture your relationship. Here are just a few habits of a good boyfriend or girlfriend.


Not talking to each other is one of the biggest factors why many couples break up. Communicating with each other is important as it establishes a link between you two. Talking also settles a lot of conflicts that doesn’t need to get all dirty and fight about it.


Uncertainty is clearly not a very attractive sign when it comes to a relationship. A good example is asking your loved one, “Where do you want to eat?” and then they’d just say, “I don’t know.” This “I don’t know” is actually a potential harm in your relationship, especially if you’re a man. If you want to be a good boyfriend or girlfriend, start making your own decisions and don’t just resort or depend on your partner for everything.

Don’t be too Clingy

A little jealousy is healthy in a relationship. That little amount is only good if it makes everything all sweet. But being overly jealous and possessive is a different issue. Being too clingy isn’t good, it’s just annoying. And with all the technology and gadgets that we have now, that includes being electronically clingy too. It’s no good if you keep cyber stalking your own boyfriend or girlfriend. It just makes you creepy. A good lover will always respect space and privacy.

Respect Each Other

Don’t treat your lover like they’re someone below you or consider yourself above them. Being all narcissistic isn’t attractive and can ruin relationships in an ugly way. When you’re lovers, you respect each other’s opinions, thoughts, career and decisions. Neither one of you is below nor above each other. You’re equal and you should exercise it by respecting each other.

Counting Faults

Keeping a scoreboard is just taxing and toxic in a relationship. If you keep counting each other’s faults, all that will lead to is badmouthing and swearing everything from the past that they messed up in. No one likes dwelling in the past, especially when it’s on the things that we messed up.



It’s an integral part of a relationship. Trust and loyalty go hand in hand. When you’re always suspicious of him or her, you won’t be having a happy relationship. And if you keep messing around with other girls or guys, that only means you’re a terrible person for breaking their trust.

Career and Ambitions

In a healthy relationship, two people always support each other, especially in their dreams. If your significant other keeps discouraging you or pulling you down, you need to reconsider your relationship. Load more

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