The Need for Adventure

The Need for Adventure

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The Need for Adventure


Since the beginning of time, human beings have this strange, inherent property that allows us to feel the unique emotion of indifference and laziness. This troubling emotion is what we call boredom.

It slowly creeps into the deep recesses of our minds, making us unproductive, making us feel tired and making us turn into lifeless robots that have a mindset of telling ourselves that the world isn’t interesting enough or the world has nothing more to offer. Boredom has its own way of destroying even the most creative and imaginative minds all around the world. No one can escape this inevitable plague. However, the only thing that could rescue us is to welcome the sense of adventure that still dwells within us.

During the time when we were still kids, we always had a different outlook on life. We had a different perspective of the world. We treated the world as our own and thought that the world was in the palm of our hands. We thought that we could rule the world. But what happened with all those feelings? Did they just vanish as time went by? Did we just outgrow them after reaching puberty? Did we just outlive those desires and wishes after seeing the harsh, cruel reality brought about by the world around us? Those are the questions that are probably boggling your mind.

But the answer will probably be a big “NO”.

“Why?” you might ask? You’re probably wondering what happened to that “inner child” within us. You might be thinking that it just disappeared after outgrowing it outright. That’s a common misconception. This “inner child” of ours didn’t just disappear. What really happened is that it just took shelter within the dark corner of our mind, waiting to be unleashed again.


Just what is this “inner child” anyway? Simple – it’s what you call your imagination, your creativity, your sense of wonder, your sense of adventure.
Throughout our lives, we’ve been taught that we have to go to school and get a good education. We work hard to get, at least, decent grades that will help us go through the next step in our educational milestone. At this point, we start developing some sort of routine or pattern that we repeat day in and day out.

Wake up. Have breakfast. Go to school. School. Go back home. Home. Do study and homework. Eat dinner. Sleep. Repeat.
Wake up. Have breakfast. Go to school. School. Go back home. Home. Do study and homework. Eat dinner. Sleep. Repeat.

This seemingly endless cycle of repetitiveness is most usually experienced during the weekdays. The only things that allow us to take a break back then when we were still kids are the weekends, the holidays and the vacations. It cuts off the recurring cycle of repeated actions by interrupting the boring and tiresome routine.

After that, we have a choice to either go directly to work or proceed with a degree – usually people would pick the latter one since it leads to more stable, higher earning jobs. Getting a degree is one of the biggest hurdles in life since there’s a lot you have to go through. You have to pass examinations, you have to submit requirements, you have to attend a number of classes and all of that comes along with a hefty amount of money we commonly refer to as tuition fees. Following the sometimes excruciating hardships that you go through to get that college degree, you now have the credentials to be a full-fledged member of society and work for your own income. That’s where it all begins.

Once we reach the age of adulthood and begin working, that’s when the repetitive and boring routine starts and circulates, continuing on its ruthless cycle and stopping for none. The only thing that’s different is that “school” becomes “work.”

Wake up. Have breakfast. Go to work. Work. Go back home. Home. Eat dinner. Sleep. Repeat. Wake up. Have breakfast. Go to work. Work. Go back home. Home. Eat dinner. Sleep. Repeat.
Let’s assume you have a stable job with a decent income. You’re earning enough to let you go through life without having to suffer from famine and disease. However, when you look at the routine above, you’ll start to realize how mundane and depressing your life has become.

What in the world happened to “living the life” and “living your dreams?” What happened to “living life to the fullest?” You’ll start asking yourself, “Am I living life the way it’s supposed to be?”

A lot of people have lost the sense of adventure that we had during our childhood. Take note, had. It isn’t because we outgrew our inner child or that we matured at a certain point. We don’t outgrow our inner child. We can never do. We can never outgrow something that primarily exists within us all. It’s like saying that our blood is blue or our brain stops when we sleep. As we grow older, our inner child starts backing away and stowing itself in the corner of our hearts, only waiting to be set freed.

Most people struggle in rekindling this feeling, this sense of adventure, within us all Others feel bothered or don’t really care anymore since they think that it’s childish or that they have “grown up” or that they’ve grown older to the point of never going back. But that’s not the case. In reality, no one ever grows up entirely. We just grow old. It’s still our choice whether or not if we want to grow up or stay as rambunctious children that are curious with daring adventures. And what’s great about it is that we can always go back and embrace our inner child and go on adventures once again.

Why is there a need for us to go on adventures?

Recently, studies show that only approximately 14% of Americans take their vacations. For other countries without holidays or workplaces that don’t offer their employees extended vacations, its way lesser. For those who work in vital institutions like hospitals, then they even go to work during the holidays, including Christmas and the New Year.

So, knowing all of these, what do get about our crucial need to light the flames of our childhood, rekindle and embrace our inner child once again and fire up the sense of adventure within us that was present when we were still kids?

Simple – STRESS.

Stress is a biological response of a person to his or her environment or a certain stimulus. It’s the body’s way of reacting towards a difficult situation. The body releases hormones and neurotransmitters that trigger our sympathetic nervous system, activating a reaction to what we commonly refer to as “fight or flight” response. In general, stress is a negative response of the body towards a number of changes in the environment, in his or her working conditions, in his or her body and in the way the world responds to an individual action.

Stress is an unhealthy response of the body that affects the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual aspects of our body. It brings about a number of health risks such as the development of high blood pressure, stroke, asthma, anxiety disorders, nervous breakdowns and depression.

Let’s face it. Everyone experiences stress. Most often, we start becoming conscious of it from adolescent up to our adult lives. From quizzes to study for, homework to finish up, the parties that we want to go to, the hangouts that our friends invite us to that we just can’t afford to miss and the pressure coming from our parents as well. And as we turn into adults, the stress just doesn’t go away as we get stressed even from the smallest of things like being a few minutes late, not grabbing your morning coffee, being the attention of your boss’ unintended fury, a project’s deadline that’s just a few days away or the bills that just keep piling up – the electric bill, the water bill, the rent to your apartment, the kids’ education, compulsory taxes, food, clothes and other necessities – and your paycheck just can’t keep up with all that.

Stress brings about the worst in all of us and it’s the nightmare that life brings forth.
One effective way to cope with this problem is what we call stress relief. It’s somewhat a therapy to relieve you of stress in a healthy way. There are a lot of ways to relieve stress. Each individual has his or her unique way to relax, meditate and just relinquish the stress in their lives.

And the most effective way to fight off our most dreaded nightmare is by embracing our inner child, rekindling the imaginative and curious side in all of us – going on an adventure once again.

“Let’s go on an adventure!” Doesn’t that statement excite you? Though you may say otherwise, deep down in your heart, you know that you agree. It’s a vague statement that has a lot of meaning in it. It can be revised as, “Let’s do stuff,” or “Let’s go somewhere,” but the most meaningful statement that’s close to it has to be, “Let’s go and have some fun!”

The word “fun” entails a lot of things. It’s a term that indicates enjoyment, happiness and delight in certain experiences in life. Everyone has their own version of having fun. One person might find happiness in doing extreme sports while another one has fun in going to a massive library and reading novels about swords and magic. You can go into the river and do some kayaking while some would enjoy bringing a backpack, climbing up the mountains and then go camping out in the woods.

Traveling to another country or another city is also an adventure in itself. You dive into a place that you aren’t quite familiar with. You delve into a culture that you’re just about to learn. You meet people that form the identity of the place that you’re going to. You grow familiar with the landmarks, the historical pieces that made the personality and uniqueness of a certain place, and burn them into your memories for many years to come.

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Extreme sports – there’s a different feeling whenever you feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins and coursing throughout your whole body. Of course, we can feel the adrenaline during emergency situations wherein we are rushed to do things, like in rushing a deadline for a certain project, desperately driving through the streets and trying to make it to your office when you know that you only have five to ten minutes left before you’re pronounced as late or moments wherein you have to make life-saving decisions like performing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), saving a little boy from choking on a small toy that he accidentally swallowed or running and helping to the scene of an accident or a disaster. It’s equally the same. The body releases adrenaline. However, there are moments that when adrenaline is released and we feel a certain rush in our body that doesn’t involve those crucial decisions. Sometimes, we just feel like we’ve become birds that have been set free from our confining cages.

When you go bungee jumping or skydiving, you feel like you want to scream. When you climb up on the peak of a mountain, you just want to shout out and tell the world of your victory. When you go surfing, you can’t help but go, “Woohoo!” when you ride the waves of the sea. It’s a natural thing that happens when our sense of adventure deep within us is awakened once again.

Going on an adventure has an indistinguishable meaning. It doesn’t have a clear definition to it but there’s only one idea for everything that can be considered to be an adventure – to have fun and relieve stress.

So what are you waiting for? Will you keep living your dull and repetitive life? Or will you fight, embrace your inner child and go on exciting adventures once again?

It’s your choice. read more…

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